Matthew Bodley Consulting is an independent property consultancy specialising in compulsory purchase and compensation advice.  The business is led by Matthew Bodley, a chartered surveyor with over 30 years’ experience who has specialised in this sector for over 25 years.

Compulsory purchase order (CPO) powers are used by public sector bodies to buy land for major development projects.  The process is often used in a partnership between the public and private sector.  The use of these powers is essential for delivering important regeneration and infrastructure projects.  Compulsory purchase can bring about significant economic, social and environmental benefits which are in the wider public interest.  However, the exercise of these powers can be extremely disruptive and distressing for the property owners and occupiers who are affected.  There needs to be a careful balance between the public benefits which will arise from the CPO and the impact on the affected parties.

We advise clients on all aspects of the process from start to finish.  We act on behalf of those who are promoting CPOs and those who are affected by them.